Album Review: Motorcade of Generosity by Cake

4/5 stars

With grunge on a downward spiral, the music industry is looking for a new identity- something to hang its hat on for the next generation. This is the beginning of a remarkable direction but a thought crosses the mind: "will people get on this ride?" They use instruments that rock left behind when disco let the door hit it on the ass as it made an exit. They bring back a bit of funk while giving country's great artists a tip of the hat.

Where this band will go is a question only the future can answer, but there seems to be a tremendous light at the end of the tunnel. They do not overcrowd the sound with buried digital over-tracking. Everything is as it should be, opening up the guitars to do more than just strum a few chords and hope for the best. It is like Bob Dylan passed them a torch, and when the handoff was completed, they expanded and stretched out into different genres without selling out their own sound.

Moving into each new track, it is obvious that they know the sound they want to be remembered for, but at the same time are not afraid to move into different music while never giving up their musical integrity. Each track offers the listener something new while taking a tour of music's past. "Comanche" is not the greatest lead-in for their first release, but it lets you know that they are not willing to just put out a record of music but a record that will have the listener growing as each new track is experienced. "Ruby Sees All" is lyrically reminiscent of The Who's I Can See For Miles in reverse. When Pete Townshend believed his girlfriend was doing him wrong, he had eyes everywhere and was telling her that no matter what she did he could see no matter how far away he was. For Cake it was the opposite, as the girl left at home while the band is on the road still knows more than they want her to know.

The horns that encompass "Up So Close" and open up "Pentagram" give odes to country with a dabble into Mexican music of years past. There are moments when the listener can feel Carlos Santana nipping at their heels. "You Part The Waters" jams some rocking beats while the guitars duel with the trumpet, opening themselves up to new explosions. "Is This Love" is a moment of mellow relaxation before the band takes the country style by the hand in "Jesus Wrote A Blank Check". Then they let the fans know that the "Rock 'N' Roll Lifestyle" is a shot glass full of what they are selling. Everyone believes the rock 'n' roll myth that drinking and the intake of drugs in excess is what it is all about. Cake is about the music and not the lifestyle.

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