Album Review: Who You Are by Jessie J

4/5 stars

From start to finish, this is a great pop CD that touches on love, dance and themes of women's empowerment. Some lyrics are great for a pause and thought as she questions the entertainment business that parallels personal lives. Pop music is a streaming descent into one hit wonders which can be a great song. Times have not changed but what has become the extreme is artists on pedestals.

Jessie J takes a look at where the music icons really are with an underwritten jab at those that wheeled the money. B. o. B. drops some reggae flows flowing through the first track, "Price Tag." The lyrics are at times on some serious levels but the music keeps it light so your subconscious will be taking in the lyrics while the conscience is rocking to the beat.

"Big White Room" is a blow away song that lyrically and vocally challenges some of the fake slow songs on top 40 radio. Chills will run through the listener's body as Jessie dares to push her voice, bringing about the best track on the CD. Her style is a bit of all the best pop artists of the past 40 years. No matter if it was dance or song greats, she brings it all together on this release. The more spins on the MP3 the larger the feel and the more quickly the lyrics will roll off the tongue.

"Casualty of Love" has a soulful base that explores some of the 80's best radio and MTV pop rotation hits. So many songs could have inspired this track that touching on one would be almost impossible. Coming from the European dance beat music that jams in the clubs is less drawn than than American pop music.

"Rainbow" reminds everyone that we are all born equal and as human beings stay that way no matter of our place on the financial ladder. This could go hand in hand with bullying, giving a lesson to those who think it is OK to harass those who may be different. This song leads right into the Missy Elliott inspired track, "Who's Laughing Now", which is an immediate anti-bullying song that should inspire everyone who feels the effects to know that life will get better as you get older. Oh, so you think you know me now / Have you forgotten how / You would make me feel / When you drag my spirit down / But thank you for the pain / It made me raise my game / And I'm still rising, I 'm still rising / Yeah / So make your jokes / Go for break / Blow your smoke / You're not alone / But who's laughing now. "So know this, kids, it will get better and someday your differences can be the wish of those younger than you.

"Do it like a Dude" is a male protest song against the videos being released by some of the most popular artists today. The image has become stronger than the songs which are the reasons why they make the videos. Young children looking up to these artists will get images in their heads and believe that this is the way of life. The artists, however, work very hard at their craft and then to have a director take away from that is disrespectful.

Now let's talk a bit about the song that is so Broadway of New York it is the show stopper on the CD. 'Mamma knows Best' has everything NY with the orchestra and the musical style that defines Broadway. Her voice is so strong, it is probably not even necessary for her to use a microphone. every CD she releases should allow for at least one track of this magnitude.

Jessie J has an all out ballsy singing style that needs strong lyrical content which is felt through this release. She never holds back and does not hide behind a singing style that dilutes the words. Some artists take soulful singing to real low points when it is so difficult to understand exactly what they are singing. Jessie sings for the masses and can belt out any tune with clear concise distinction.

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