Bad Meets Evil – Hell: The Sequel (Album Review)

The days of women being called "bitches" is over, but if you choose to use it, remember that I am imagining your mothers or daughters. So the "bitch" Hailie Jade Mathers can easily come to mind for all of the young boys when they are out looking for a free piece of ass. EMINEM , with all of its influence, could set a precedent by reducing the use of the word, but it does take the reduction of women to a new level. The use of words like "Slut" and "Cunt" are extensive and unnecessary, hey we get it, the women you attract are more reflective of your lyrics than the reverse.

Joe Paterno learned the hard way about not taking a stand and making appropriate changes by losing his job. Still, in the world of music, we put these people on pedestals where women are used, abused verbally and physically then written about in songs that are looked up to. What a load of crap these, now wait: I can not even categorize them as artists, singers, lyricists or musicians, so Trash is the new creation.

EMINEM has always been on the defense, fighting everyone: women; fans; criticisms; and other musicians, and all of this keeps him in the spotlight. INSANE CLOWN POSSE, EVERLAST, LIMP BIZKIT, CANIBUS, JA RULE, MICHAEL JACKSON, MARIAH CAREY and MOBY are documented on Wikipedia which goes to show his cry baby, poor sport mentality. The spotlight has consequences for someone like EMINEM who never dreams good enough about himself so he uses negative words to describe others who are in the same boat. Bullying, no matter if it is physical or verbal, should not be tolerated and EMINEM is a perfect example of a bully in power.

EMINEM has written some great lyrics but they are few and far between "Mockingbird" is one that opens him up, allowing his heart to spin on the disc for his daughter. "Lighters" could have found itself neck and neck with "Mockingbird" then EMINEM opens his mouth and feels bad for me whining, feel bad for me everyone because I am going to take your money then go home to my big mansion protected by guards and write a song about you "Bitches". So while he travels and performs, probably doing all the "Bitches" that are willing to exploit themselves for his usage only gathering stories to write about on his next release.

EMINEM has to begin taking responsibility for the youth who listened to his words and became influenced by the derogatory nature of them. Young boys will look at women in this light and begin to use the appropriate language and girls who have a low self-esteem will feel they can only get acceptance by becoming the whipping post of the boys.

As long as those in power push down our youth, preparing their mind set for battering and exploitation, our society will suffer. Maybe he forgot where he came from and the lonely scared little boy he once was. So he grinds those who reflect his own image just to hide who he still is inside. With every release he has a chance to make a difference but prefers to write in anger and defense instead of encouragement and empowerment.

The music and style is the same reworked sounds that can be found in all his past releases, ROYCE DA 5'9 "does expand some of the repeated sounds preventing growth. him.

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Source by Rachael M Kohrn

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