Bands Whose Selfitled Albums Are Not Their Debuts

Providing a worthy diversion from all of the college bowl games on New Year's Day was a documentary of the band Chicago, which aired on a national cable news channel. The program tastefully presented its chronological development as well as multiple interviews with five of the seven co-founders.

One unique character of the band, besides its gorgeous blend of horns and electric guitar rock, concerns its album names. Each record was self-titled, distinguished only by a corresponding Roman numeral. For example, their sixth album was called Chicago VI.

The only band who has taken a similar approach when naming albums is Weezer, which disks are all self-titled except for Ratitude, Hurley and Everything Will Be Alright In The End . Instead of numbers to distinguish all of the self-title albums, Weezer's discs are identified by the colors on the covers. That characteristic began with the blue-covered debt through the current self-named white-sleeved disc, which has been nominated for the 2016 Grammy for Album of the Year.

Aside from Chicago and Weezer, most bands use their own-titled album for their debut. There are rare exceptions, including the most popular rock band in history, so here is a list of eight artists whose self-titled album is not their debut.

Fitz and the Tantrums

The modern pop band recalls Hall and Oates on all of its albums, but they waited until the third record to name it after themselves.


Jeff Tweedy's ensemble released six albums before finally settling for a self-titled release in 2010.

George Harrison

Dark Horse, All Things Must Pass and 33 and 1/3 all preceded the self-titled album, which reached the Top Ten in 1978.

The Beatles

Sergeant Pepper's follow up is simply called The Beatles, but it has become famously known as the White Album.

The Minus Five

Scott McCaughey's project with Jeff Tweedy and Peter Buck had made five records before their self-titled release in 2009, which fans have grown to call the Gun Album because of the cover.

Let's Wrestle

The first record of this indie band was In The Home Of The Wrestling Let's , but for the second they simply reversed the last two words and omitted the first five.

Don McLean

American Pie had catapulted him into stardom, but its own-titled follow up represents a more acoustic, reflective McLean.

Crosby, Stills, and Nash

After their well-publicized breakup and several number one albums, the trio reunited in 1977 to record a smash self-titled gem featuring "Just a Song" and "Fair Game."

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