Motorhead – "The World Is Yours" Album Review

This is the 20th Motörhead studio album in their 35th year of existence, and it came out just a few weeks before Lemmy Kilmister's 65th birthday (born on December 24th 1945 in Stoke-on-Trent, England). The album is the essence of Lemmy and the essence of the band Motörhead.

"The Wörld Is Yours" is one of the best albums of the band and it's one of the best rock albums this year, thanks to songs like "Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye", "Get Back In Line", "I know What You Need "and" I know how to die ".

The songs are full of Lemmy's well known personal philosophy ("avoid idiots at all cost", according to Lemmy that's about 8-9 out of 10 people he meets, "rock and roll is my religion", etc.) and he makes an effort to spread it with more melody than usual.

Just to make sure you know who he's singing about, there are at least 10 "I's" in each song. The lyrics and messages are just simple (some stupid) but always honest and direct.

Lemmy sings a lot about death on this album, about facing death, and about living and dying without fear. In the song "Brotherhood of Men" the topic of death is put in political and social context, in "Outlaw" it's about living your life the way you want and facing the inevitable ("… the one that kills you never hurts" ).

The song "Rock N Roll Music" is his "Rockin 'All Over The World" (Status Quo). He is Rock 'n' Roll, he lives it, and it's his lifestyle and religion.

Lemmy does not know any better than to rock 'n' roll, but he is the best in what he does, the last living real rock 'n' roller and should get the acknowledgment for it during his lifetime.

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